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Applying for funding for equipment is often a challenge. Once you've had the planning meetings, the reports and rationales for the equipment are agreed upon and written, and the application forms are complete, the next challenge is meeting the requirements with quotes from suppliers for your fund holder. Most fundholders' requirements are relatively straight forward (just forward them a quote from us). However, some quotes have to meet particular requirements. Sometimes the fund holder requires individual items to meet certain pricing criteria or total invoices need to meet particular requirements.

Whatever your fund holder's need, we are here to help. We can split equipment lists into workable quotes to meet criteria, or we can bundle items together to make customised equipment kits. The latter is especially useful for those who are ordering equipment through Enable New Zealand for clients supported by ACC. We can bundle your equipment items into a customised kit specifically for your client, and for your application needs.


Mary requires the following equipment:

1 x Weighted dog (Golden Labrador) $245

1 x Disc o Sit $94.45

4 x Chewy Tube Green with cords $28.30 each

Total: $452.65

The application for Mary's equipment has been approved in principle. There is no dispute about Mary's need for the equipment to assist with rehabilitation. However, the weighted dog is the only piece of equipment that is able to be ordered, as the Disc o Sit and Chewy Tubes fall under fundholder's the pricing threshold for ordering.


We will put all the equipment together for you in a bundle as a kit. Mary's Customised Sensory Kit will appear on the quote for your funding purposes as:

Mary Customised Sensory Kit $452.65

In addition, we will send you a second quote that outlines the equipment (for your records only, so you know what is in your customised kit).

How do I get a quote for a Customised Kit?

There a couple of ways:

(1) Use our online instant quote facility. This is found in the shopping cart after you have added your items. Generate the quote which will be emailed to you (tip: check your spam/junk folder). Email the quote back to us (or let us know the quote number generated) at: and tell us that you need a quote for a customised kit for your client. Please let us know the fundholder if applicable (especially useful if it's for Enable-ACC). We will email you back the quote for your application.

(2) Email the list of equipment (or take a screenshot of your cart) and email to: and let us know that you require a customised kit for your application. If applicable, let us know who the fundholder is. We will email you back a quote outlining the total cost of the bundle.

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