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Products include: Physio Rolls (all sizes) Senso Roll, Trigger Roll, Training Roll, Physio Balls (all sizes), Activity Ball, Jinglin’ Ball, Opti Balls (all sizes)

Physio Balls and Rolls helps make life better

The use of Inflatable Physio Rolls and Balls improves the lives of people with (but not limited to) ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, poor muscle tone, poor core strength, difficulties with gross motor coordination. Their use:

  • Improves balance and encourages better posture, reducing muscle fatigue. Being able to sit still and balance better increases concentration and enables the user to focus on tasks at hand
  • Increases core muscle strength, which enables arms and legs are to move better. Both fine and gross motor skills improve, increasing function and independence
  • Improves gross motor skill and co-ordination to enable the ability to participate in activities at home and in the community
  • Increases strength, improves stamina and ability to engage in daily physical activities independently
  • Increases the range of body movement for general body function when they are used to stretch the large muscle groups. This enables better participation in activities that require physical engagement

Physio Balls and Rolls are an additional support

  • Movement and exercise using Physio Ball and Rolls are crucial for developing and maintaining strength, flexibility, and balance, as they are ongoing and life-long skills
  • Use of Physio Balls and Rolls assist with reducing tightness in joints, for example in hip joints, which can tighten, causing other issues such as spinal problems
  • Therapy using Physio balls and rolls prevents further muscle deterioration, tightness, spasticity, and contracture 

Physio Balls and Rolls are reasonable and cost effective

  • The use of physio balls and rolls have benefits across the day. They are a safe device that can used as required by the individual
  • Using physio balls and rolls are more cost effective to develop and maintain physical movement and independence, than the provision of ongoing personal support, monitoring and therapy
  • Increasing core and body strength helps prevent further injury