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Mythical Chew Set - Sensory Corner
Mythical Chew Set
In stock
Dream Catcher Sleep Set - Sensory CornerDream Catcher Sleep Set - Sensory Corner
Dream Catcher Sleep Set
In stock
Brick Stick Chewable Necklace - Sensory CornerBrick Stick Chewable Necklace - Sensory Corner
Wilbarger Therapressure Brush vendor-unknownWilbarger Therapressure Brush - Sensory Corner
Wilbarger Therapressure Brush
From $14.50
In stock
Dual Colour Liquid Timer - Sensory CornerDual Colour Liquid Timer - Sensory Corner
Children's Ear Muffs - Sensory CornerChildren's Ear Muffs - Sensory Corner
Children's Ear Muffs
In stock
Sound and Light Projector - Sensory CornerSound and Light Projector - Sensory Corner
Sound and Light Projector
Out of Stock
Weighted Dog (Golden Labrador 4kg) - Sensory CornerMan_with_Weighted_Labrador
Sensory Therapy Compression Swing - Sensory CornerSensory Therapy Compression Swing - Sensory Corner
Save $6
Calming Timer Set - Sensory Corner
Calming Timer Set
$79.95 $85.95
In stock
Helix Fidget - Sensory CornerHelix Fidget - Sensory Corner
Helix Fidget (3 Set)
In stock
Save $35
Original Pencil Grips - Sensory CornerOriginal Pencil Grips - Sensory Corner
Original Pencil Grips
From $23 $58
In stock
SensoME Compression Bed Sheets - Sensory CornerSensoME Compression Bed Sheets - Sensory Corner
Compression Bed Sheets NEW
In stock
Smart Knit Seamless Compresso T - Sensory CornerSmart Knit Seamless Compresso T - Sensory Corner
Krypto-Bite Tube (Blue - XXT) - Sensory CornerKrypto-Bite Tube (Blue - XXT) - Sensory Corner
Krypto-Bite Tube
In stock
Chewable Dragon Pendant - Sensory Corner#colour_blue
Save $10
Keep It Spinning Kit Sensory CornerKeep It Spinning Kit Sensory Corner
Keep It Spinning Kit
$65 $75
In stock
Weighted Dog King Charles brown 2kg - Sensory CornerWeighted Dog King Charles brown 2kg - Sensory Corner
Save $32.55
Sens 'O' Roll - Sensory CornerSens 'O' Roll - Sensory Corner
Sens 'O' Roll
$93.45 $126
In stock
7.5kg Weighted Blanket Washable Sensory Corner7.5kg Weighted Blanket (washable) - Sensory Corner
Save $7.15
Stay Focused Fidget Pack - Sensory CornerStay Focused Fidget Pack - Sensory Corner
Stay Focused Fidget Pack
$58.80 $65.95
In stock
Self Opening Scissors - Sensory CornerSelf Opening Scissors - Sensory Corner
Self Opening Scissors
In stock
Snuggle Pod - Sensory CornerSnuggle Pod - Sensory Corner
Snuggle Pod
From $73.45
In stock
Z-Vibe Starter Kit - Sensory CornerZ-Vibe Starter Kit - Sensory Corner
Z-Vibe Starter Kit
In stock

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