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Weighted Animals help people live their life or makes life better

The use of a weighted animal improves the lives of people with (but not limited to)
Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Sensory Processing Disorder, Dementia. Using weighted animals:
(a) Enables the user to relax and settle into sleep better at bedtime
(b) The residual calming effects after using a weighted animal enables individuals carry out their daily activities, leading to greater independence in the community
(c) Enables the user to self-soothe in times of anxiety or stress, increasing independence at home and in the community
(d) Enables users to feel more “grounded” or “present” or focused to carry out daily tasks at home and enables better engagement in the community
(e) Enables users to feel a sense of care, social connection, companionship and
belonging with the weighted animal.

Weighted Animals are used as a Disability Support

(a) Using weighted animals are used in behaviour management and behaviour de-escalation for calming and prevention. They are a safer alternative to physical
restraint and isolation.

(b) Weighted animals are specifically designed for people with high proprioceptive
(c) Weighted animals provide calm and comfort in contexts where live animals are not
permitted, for example in hospitals or in residential care settings
(d) Weighted animals provide a dignified way for users to access comfort in the
community in an accessible and socially appropriate way
(e) The weight in the weighted animals is contained in a stitched inner bag, reducing the possibility of leakage for increased safety

Weighted Animals are reasonable and cost effective

(a) Purchasing of a weighted animal has calming benefits across the day and night and can be used as required
(b) Weighted animals can be used across multiple settings to provide consistency and enable independence when travelling or on overnight stays in unfamiliar
(c) The costs associated with personal support reduce over time with greater
independent use of a weighted animal to regulate emotions and anxiety levels.