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Mega Tactile Pack - Sensory CornerMega Tactile Pack - Sensory Corner
Mega Tactile Pack
$367.50 $420
In stock
Wheelchair Raincoat - Sensory CornerWheelchair Raincoat - Sensory Corner
Wheelchair Raincoat
In stock
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Sensory Calming Kit - Sensory CornerSensory Calming Kit - Sensory Corner
Sensory Calming Kit
From $315 $340
In stock
Save $12
Mindful Calming Kit - Sensory CornerMindful Calming Kit - Sensory Corner
Mindful Calming Kit
$315 $327
In stock
Physio Rolls - Sensory CornerPhysio Rolls - Sensory Corner
Physio Rolls
From $107.05
In stock
Physio Roll PLUS (Burst Resistant) - Sensory CornerPhysio Roll PLUS (Burst Resistant) - Sensory Corner
3kg Shoulder Weight - Sensory Corner
3kg Shoulder Weight
Out of Stock
7.5kg Weighted Blanket (washable) - Sensory Corner7.5kg Weighted Blanket (washable) - Sensory Corner
5kg Shoulder Weight - Sensory Corner
5kg Shoulder Weight
Out of Stock
Dream Catcher Sleep Set - Sensory CornerDream Catcher Sleep Set - Sensory Corner
Dream Catcher Sleep Set
In stock
Complete Sleep Set - Sensory Corner
Complete Sleep Set
In stock
Z-Vibe Starter Kit - Sensory CornerZ-Vibe Starter Kit - Sensory Corner
Z-Vibe Starter Kit
In stock
Chew Sampler Soft - Sensory Corner
Chew Sampler Soft
In stock
Sensory corner - Chew Sampler Kit Hard
Chew Sampler Hard
In stock
Sensory Corner - Chew Sampler Kit MediumSensory Corner - Chew Sampler Kit Medium closeup
Chew Sampler Medium
In stock
Food Preparation Board - Sensory Corner
Food Preparation Board
In stock
Chewable Teardrop - Sensory CornerChewable Teardrop - Sensory Corner, #Style_Lilac
Chewable Teardrop (6 Set)
From $134.95
In stock
Chewnoodle (Basic) - Sensory CornerChewnoodle (Basic) - Sensory Corner
Chewy Tube- Super Chew with Cords 6 Set - Sensory CornerChewy Tube- Super Chew (red) - Sensory Corner
Squeeze Machine - Sensory CornerSqueeze Machine - Sensory Corner
Squeeze Machine
In stock
Chewable Phoenix Pendant - Sensory CornerChewable Phoenix Pendant 6 Set - Sensory Corner
Mega Chewlery Necklace - Sensory CornerMega Chewlery Necklace - Sensory Corner
Mega Chewlery Bracelet - Sensory Corner
Chewlery Bracelet - Sensory CornerChewlery Bracelet - Sensory Corner

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