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Products include: Disc O Sit (senior), Disc O Sit (junior), Movin Sit (senior) and Movin (junior)

Dynamic Seating Cushions help people live their life or makes life better

The use of a Dynamic Seating Cushion improves the lives of people with (but not limited to) Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Sensory Processing Disorder, low muscle tone, poor balance and posture, highly active individuals who need to move about frequently. The use of an Inflatable/Dynamic Cushion:

  • Increases balance and encourages better posture, reducing muscle fatigue. Being able to sit still and balance better increases concentration and enables the user to focus on tasks at hand
  • Increases core muscle strength, which enables arms and legs are to move better. Both fine and gross motor skills improve, increasing function and independence
  • Increases core (trunk) strength, which improves stamina and ability to engage in daily physical activities independently for longer
  • Enables active individuals with high proprioceptive needs to sit in a chair for longer periods of time while receiving the proprioceptive pressure input required to focus and engage in tasks. This increases independence at home and in community settings
  • Allows for rocking movement while seated, which enables individuals to sit longer in their seats while receiving vestibular input. This increases independence at home and in community settings
  • Enables the user to sit up straight (rather than slouching or leaning on tables/desks). Aligning hips and the spine correctly improves posture
  • Helps meet proprioceptive and vestibular needs, which enables the user to feel calmer and enables better engagement in home and community activities.
  • Can be used on the floor or on a chair, enabling better engagement in multiple settings and uses as required 
Dynamic Cushions are an additional support
  • Specifically designed for people with high proprioceptive and vestibular needs
  • Increases core strength for those with low muscle tone while carrying out daily activities


Dynamic Cushions are reasonable and cost effective

  • Reduces the need for constant monitoring and support for an individual, when they are able to sit longer to focus on daily tasks
  • Dynamic Cushions be used across different settings
  • Lightweight, easy to use, and robust
  • Are used on regular chair, which eliminates the need for additional furniture
  • Use of a dynamic cushion helps prevent further injury caused by poor posture and sitting position