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Plastic Pellets (3kg)
Plastic Pellets (3kg)
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Weighted Golden Retriever (2kg)
Weighted Dog (Golden Labrador 4kg)
Weighted Cat (Beige)
Bene-Feet Mat
Bene-Feet Mat
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Weighted Cat (Siamese)
Weighted German Shepherd (1.8kg)
Weighted Dog (Border Collie 4kg)
Weighted Dog (Golden Retriever- 4.5kg)
Lycra Shoulder Wrap
Weighted Dog Pug (1.5kg)-cream
Weighted Dog Pug (1.5kg)-black
Bongers (Pair)
Bongers (Pair)
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5kg Weighted Blanket
Weighted Cats (Black & White)Weighted Cats (Black & White)
Rolling Relaxation Mini MassagersRolling Relaxation Mini Massagers
Weighted Husky Dog (3.5kg)
Weighted Blanket Cover (5kg- Plain Coloured)
Weighted Cat (Grey)
7.5kg Weighted Blanket (washable)
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Weighted Dog (St Bernard Pup 2kg)
Protac Sensit and Puff Chair

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