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Weighted Cushion 3kg Sensory CornerWeighted Cushion 3kg Sensory Corner
Weighted Cushion 3kg
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SensoME Sensory Tunnel - Sensory CornerSensoME Sensory Tunnel - Sensory Corner
Sensory Tunnel
$99 $145.95
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Brolly Sheet with wings - Space - Sensory CornerBrolly Sheet with wings - Space - Sensory Corner
Snuggle Pod - Sensory CornerSnuggle Pod - Sensory Corner
Snuggle Pod
From $73.45
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SensoME Compression Bed Sheets - Sensory CornerSensoME Compression Bed Sheets - Sensory Corner
Compression Bed Sheets NEW
In stock
Sensory Therapy Compression Swing - Sensory CornerSensory Therapy Compression Swing - Sensory Corner
Swivel Ceiling Attachment Set - Sensory Corner
Lycra Shoulder Wrap - Sensory Corner
Relieve & Relax Massage Set - Sensory Corner
Acupressure Massage Set Fabrication EnterprisesBack Knobber II
Acupressure Massage Set
In stock
Massage Bar (3 Ball) - Sensory Corner
Massage Bar (3 Ball)
In stock
Backnobber II Massager - Sensory CornerBacknobber II Massager - Sensory Corner
Backnobber II Massager
In stock
Index Knobber II - Sensory CornerIndex Knobber II - Sensory Corner
Index Knobber II
In stock
Knobble Massager - Sensory CornerKnobble Massager - Sensory Corner
Knobble Massager
In stock
Bongers - Sensory CornerBongers - Sensory Corner
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Squeeze Machine - Sensory CornerSqueeze Machine - Sensory Corner
Protac Sensit and Puff Chair - Sensory CornerProtac Sensit and Puff Chair - Sensory Corner
Save $240.50
Peapod (Small) - Sensory Corner
Peapod (Small)
$178.50 $419
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Save $41.05
Sensory Tunnel Activity Kit - Sensory CornerSensory Tunnel Activity Kit - Sensory Corner
Sensory Tunnel Activity Kit
$208.95 $250
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Bene-Feet Mat - Sensory CornerBene-Feet Mat - Sensory Corner
Bene-Feet Mat
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Weighted Ball - Sensory CornerWeighted Textured Balls Set or 3 - Sensory Corner
Wilbarger Therapressure Brush vendor-unknownWilbarger Therapressure Brush - Sensory Corner
Wilbarger Therapressure Brush
From $14.50
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Wrap-Around Weights - Sensory CornerWrap-Around Weights - Sensory Corner
Wrap-Around Weights
From $41.95
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Finger Loop Hand Weight - Sensory CornerFinger Loop Hand Weight - Sensory Corner
Finger Loop Hand Weight
From $47.20
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