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Weighted Dog (Golden Labrador 4kg)
Weighted Golden Retriever (2kg)
Plastic Pellets (3kg)
Weighted Cat (Beige)
Weighted Dog Pug (1.5kg)-black
Weighted Panda (6kg)
Lycra Shoulder Wrap
Giant Yuk-E-Ball (yellow)
Lime and Grapefruit Body Lotion
Peapod (Small)
Weighted Cat (Siamese)
Weighted German Shepherd (1.8kg)
Finger Loop Hand Weight (400g)
7.5kg Weighted Blanket (washable)
10kg Weighted Blanket
Weighted Dog Pug (1.5kg)-cream
Weighted Dog (St Bernard Pup 2kg)
Weighted Baby (2.7kg) -Brown
Waterproof Weighted Bl (12kg)
Waterproof Weighted Blanket (10kg)
Waterproof Weighted Blanket (7.5kg)

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