"I recently purchased the Weighted Dog Bichon 1.5kg for my mother, who has advanced dementia, and it has been a wonderful addition. This realistic, fluffy white plush dog is soft, comforting, and has a lifelike feel due to its weight. My mother adores it, and it has significantly improved her mood. I highly recommend this product for providing comfort and companionship to loved ones with dementia."

Shane (May 2024)

"We placed the order and received our beautiful Cat, Dog and Baby doll the next day for our clients in the Private Hospital. We took them into the lounge and the faces of our clients just lit up. It was just great to see them reaching out wanting to hold them. One client, who hadn't been communicating or opening her eyes was found singing to the baby doll. Another had the dog all wrapped up in a blanket to keep it warm and was warning all others to stay away from it and the cat found a home with another client who just couldn't get over how beautiful her eyes were. We decided to order three more for our Rest Home clients as we were really pleased with the results we saw in the clients in the hospital. They are the perfect weight for the elderly. One client's family member is now wanting us to order one especially for her brother as he used to love cats and she thinks he will respond well to having  something he can have sitting on his lap to pat again."

 Many thanks for the quick delivery

 Marina H  

“We purchased a large weighted husky for one of our students. He chose it himself and he absolutely loves it! It’s really useful to help him calm during the school day...he is thinking of a name for it, he might go with Snowball”. A.R  

 "Would happily buy another weighted product from you anytime". TGS 

Weighted dog


"Received my beautiful dog early this morning.  Absolutely thrilled with it. Bought it for an aged person with advanced dementia who loves dogs and will certainly love this one."
Thank you so much for this and the speedy service!
Kind regards Gail C 


"Thanks so much for all of your help and fantastic service. Jack was very happy when he got home from school to see that his weighted Border Collie Dog (Ash) had arrived.  It has been by his side and he takes it to be with him too." 

Thanks Michelle K

To The Staff at Sensory Corner , 

"I would like to say a big thank you for u'r very prompt order & delivery of my recent purchase of earmuffs for my son who has sensory issues & was having a lot of trouble readjusting to preschool & noisy life in general after lock-down . THANK YOU."

"I will definitely be recommending u'r company to my friends & family ."

Kind regards D  

"We have had huge success with the weighted blanket. H has gone from sleeping only 2-3 hours sleep a night to...nearly 11 hours each night... we took the blanket on the plane with us. The last time we took H on a plane we had to restrain him during take off and landing because he wasn't able to cope... This time around, we put the weighted blanket over his lap, he sat calmly in his chair...We love the weighted blanket and so does H... Nothing else has worked liked this before."
Cara H

"My daughter loves the weighted blanket. She is sleeping better and is generally calmer throughout the day. I am so glad I tried it. Worth every penny!"

"We have a 10 yr old daughter who has been diagnosed with intellectual disability, mental illness, ODD and learning disabilities...We have behaviour support helping us currently and she suggested we try a weighted blanket...Our daughter now sleeps in her own bed all night and much easier to get to sleep I wish I heard about this 8 years ago...Honestly Sensory Corner I can not thank you enough for this blanket. Any parent who has been through similar to us please get one of these you won't look back. Thank you so much."
Paula O

"My son, who has sensory processing disorder, took to the weighted blanket straight away. He finds it comforting and now will not go to bed without it! We find it helpful for settling him quickly if he wakes during the night."
Nicola H

"I just wanted to congratulate you on the fast & efficient service & delivery of my order.  Thank you.  The popit's were an immediate hit & I'm sure the socks will be great too. Once again thank you."

Carmel S