Person relaxing with a weighted blanket

There are many different weighted blankets or sensory blankets on the market these days. Finding the one that is suitable, can be a challenge because not all weighted blankets are made the same. The blankets we have at Sensory Corner are made by us right here in New Zealand. 

Our blankets are made to be body sized, rather than bed sized in order to give the best and most concentrated weight for an individual, so our blankets are a lot smaller than others you might find. After all, it is our body that needs the weight, not the couch or bed.

To illustrate this further, a 10kg weighted blanket from Sensory Corner measures approximately 1m x 1.5m in size. Another branded 10kg blanket might be designed for a Queen size bed with measurements 2m x 1.5m. While the blankets might weigh the same, our weighted blanket will provide double the amount of weighted pressure on the body as it is half the size.


The benefits of having a smaller weighted blanket is:

  1. You will know how much proprioceptive input is required for you in order to relax, as the weight of the blanket is on our body, rather than resting on the furniture
  2. It is easier to move or transport, which is especially useful in hospital, community mental health, school, and home settings
  3. It is not as likely to hang off the side of the bed and fall off during the night       


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