Our Weighted Blankets

Sensory Corner weighted blankets are all manufactured in New Zealand, and come in a variety of different covers. The choice of cover might depend on the environment in which the blanket is going to be used.

Washable Blankets- These blankets are finished in a polycotton drill. Blankets may be hand washed. Machine washing might be possible, but check your machine specifications first. The recommended way to wash these blankets are to wash them in a bath tub, and air dry on a fine day. These blankets are filled with plastic pellets. 

Weighted Blankets (Nylon outer)- These blankets are finished with a nylon outer. They can be wiped with a damp cloth, but can not be washed. These blankets might be suitable in a school, or community mental health context. Additional covers for the blanket would be useful to help protect the blanket, and to help with infection control.

Waterproof Blankets- These blankets are completely waterproof and do not have any external stitching. They are designed to meet infection control standards, and have an out that is easily wiped or washed down where required. Additional covers might be used to help protect the blanket, or for comfort.

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