What is a Snuggle Pod & How to use it? Sensory Corner

Proprioceptive pressure can be calming and relaxing. It is often used to help reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and restlessness, or for those who need to calm their body from hyper activity.

What is a Snuggle Pod?

The Snuggle Pod is a tube made of lycra that is tapered on one end. It is a sensory tool that is designed to give a person proprioceptive pressure to the legs and body when they are sitting or lying down. The Snuggle Pod gives gentle even pressure around the body. Curl up on the couch, in bed, or anywhere you desire inside the Snuggle Pod, and cocoon yourself into rest and relaxation.

How to use the Snuggle Pod

The Snuggle Pod has a large opening at the top and is more tapered at the enclosed bottom.

  • 1. Hold the open end of the Snuggle Pod and slip your feet to the enclosed end.
  • 2. Pull the Snuggle Pod up the body until the top opening is around your shoulders, or as far up as you feel comfortable. Lie, or sit, and feel the calm.
  • 3. The tapered end of the Snuggle Pod has an opening should you wish to expose your feet, or need to walk about briefly


The Snuggle Pod is designed to be used as a calming tool only, and is not to be used as a restraint. Running or walking while inside the Snuggle Pod is a potential falling hazard. Adult supervision is required for children. Always ensure that breathing is not impeded while using the Snuggle Pod.

Washing Instructions:

Cool machine wash

Snuggle Pods come in Small, Medium, Large & X-Large 


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