Sensory Corner Chew Firmness Rating

Finding the right chew toy or chewy necklace can be a real challenge. With so many different types of chews available, it can be a bit overwhelming when searching through the options. One of the most frequent questions we are asked about our chew necklaces, is which ones are the toughest or most robust for hard chewers. Comparing the firmness of a chew is impossible to judge based on how a chew looks. While each chew brand might have their own descriptions of firmness, comparing different chewables between different brands on the market is very difficult. We have devised the Sensory Corner Firmness Chew Rating to help make choosing easier.

Comparing Different Chew Necklaces

In order to help reduce the confusion regarding chew necklace firmness, we have developed the Sensory Corner Chew Firmness Rating. We have gathered all of the chewy toys and chew necklaces in our range and have compared and rated each one based on our own rating, to help give some consistency across the Sensory Corner range of chew necklaces, chewy bracelets, and hand held chew toys. The visual guide will allow those who are looking for certain type of firmness to make an easier choice at a glance. We have used the following descriptors for our rating scale:

 Soft Chew 

Sensory Corner Soft chew rating

This describes the softest chews we have in our range at the Sensory Corner. The Soft chew is suitable for those who are learning to chew and for those who mouth or suck only on their chews. These chews have the largest amount of flexibility, and bend very easily. The Soft chews are also the weakest chew, as teeth (especially adult teeth) will wear away at this chew very easily.

Medium-Soft Chew

Sensory Corner Medium-Soft chew rating

The Medium-Soft chews have high flexibility and 'give'. They are suitable for those that chew very lightly or mouth only.




Medium Chew

Sensory Corner Medium chew rating

The chewy pendant or chewy necklaces in the Medium Chew range can withstand light regular chewing.




Medium-Firm Chew

Sensory Corner Medium-Firm chew ratingThe Medium-Firm chew rating indicates that the chew has a small amount of flexibility, but is relatively firm. It is suitable for those who require regular and frequent chewing, and are relatively heavy with their bite. 


Firm Chew

Sensory Corner Firm chew rating
The Firm chews are the most solid in the range of chews at Sensory Corner. This category describes the chew that has very little flexibility or 'give'. It is the most suitable for those who are heavy chewers and need to bite down hard in order to calm.

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