When dealing with sensory issues, the world can be an overwhelming place.

Things are too loud, the lights are too bright, and you can even feel uncomfortable in your own clothes or shoes.

Here at Sensory Corner, we believe that everyone should feel comfortable in their surroundings. Which is why we stock a range of sensory items designed to make things a little bit easier.

Who Is Sensory Corner?

Founded in 2006 by registered psychologist, Rachel Cheung, Sensory Corner filled a gap in the market as a specialist store stocking sensory equipment.

Working as an educational psychologist, Rachel encountered children with many different needs, including sensory issues.

Back when the business began, there were no specialist stores in New Zealand that supplied sensory equipment for parents and therapists.

Thankfully, since then, the awareness around sensory issues has increased. Sensory modulation has become a regular practice in schools, hospitals, within the community, and also in workplaces.

We are excited to supply our amazing range to educational, health and correctional facilities in New Zealand, as well as parents and the general public too.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable everyone to live a life that they love.

Special sensory needs should not have to mean things are always difficult.

We firmly believe that with the right environment, appropriate opportunities, and suitable therapeutic tools, children can make great progress with their learning and general daily functioning.

That is why we make our wide range of sensory equipment available for anyone in New Zealand to purchase. We love knowing that we are helping thousands of New Zealanders live a better life.

We also love to share our expertise. With Rachel’s extensive knowledge of sensory issues, she has a unique understanding of how certain equipment can help with sensory regulation.

Our range includes sensory blankets, weighted blankets, chew toys, chewy necklaces, and other tools for sensory modulation and sensory processing.

Browse the range now, or get in contact with any queries.

Rachel Cheung MA(hons), PGDipEdPsych