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Anti-Microbial Theraputty (113g, 450g & 2.2kg) - Sensory CornerAnti-Microbial Theraputty (113g, 450g & 2.2kg) - Sensory Corner
Brick Stick Chewable Necklace - Sensory CornerBrick Stick Chewable Necklace - Sensory Corner
Chewable Teardrop - Sensory CornerChewable Teardrop - Sensory Corner, #Style_Lilac
Chewable Teardrop
In stock
Krypto-Bite Chewable Gem Necklace - Sensory CornerKrypto-Bite Chewable Gem Necklace - Sensory Corner
Save $10
Puffer Balls - Sensory CornerPuffer Balls - Sensory Corner
Puffer Balls PINK
$5 $15
In stock
Wilbarger Therapressure Brush - Sensory CornerWilbarger Therapressure Brush - Sensory Corner
Wilbarger Therapressure Brush
From $14.50
In stock
Children's Ear Muffs - Sensory CornerChildren's Ear Muffs - Sensory Corner
Children's Ear Muffs
In stock
Dual Colour Liquid Timer - Sensory CornerDual Colour Liquid Timer - Sensory Corner
Save $5.05
Back to School Fidget Kit Sensory CornerBack to School Fidget Kit Sensory Corner
Back to School Fidget Kit
$29.95 $35
In stock
Sound and Light Projector - Sensory CornerSound and Light Projector - Sensory Corner
Plastic Pellets - Sensory CornerPlastic Pellets - Sensory Corner
Plastic Pellets
From $57.75
In stock
Save $6
Traveler Fidget Kit vendor-unknownTraveler Fidget Kit vendor-unknown
Traveler Fidget Kit
$29.95 $35.95
In stock
Chewable Circular Pendant - Sensory CornerChewable Circular Pendant - Sensory Corner
Chewable Circular Pendant
From $27.25
In stock
SensoME Body Socks - Sensory CornerSensoME Body Socks - Sensory Corner
Chewy Tube Green Chewy TubeChewy Tube (green) - Sensory Corner
Chewy Tube Green
From $26.25
In stock
Weighted Cat (Beige) - Sensory Corner
Sensory Therapy Compression Swing - Sensory CornerSensory Therapy Compression Swing - Sensory Corner
Save $2.62
Pop Banz - Sensory CornerPop Banz - Sensory Corner
Pop Banz
$7.88 $10.50
In stock
Z Vibe (Blue) - Sensory CornerZ Vibe (Blue) - Sensory Corner
Z Vibe
In stock
Weighted Dog (Golden Retriever 2kg) - Sensory CornerWeighted Dog (Golden Retriever 2kg) - Sensory Corner
Chewable Helix Pendants - Sensory CornerChewable Helix Pendants - Sensory Corner
Saber Tooth Pendant - Sensory CornerSaber Tooth Pendant - Sensory Corner
Saber Tooth Pendant
In stock
Triangle Pencil Grips - Sensory Corner
Triangle Pencil Grips
From $10.97
In stock
Sniff Box (Individual) - Sensory CornerSniff Box (Individual) - Sensory Corner

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